Open Data digital gold

When is my bus due? And if I am going by car, will I find a parking space in the city centre?

Questions like these can be answered if databases are made digitally accessible. In this way, town councils can make information available which will make daily life considerably easier for their citizens. Digital solutions are being introduced here which demonstrate the added value that Open Data, i.e. data accessible to the public at large, can offer. Even the layperson will realise that Open Data could turn out to be a digital gold mine.

Organisers: TIS innovation park in cooperation with Stati Generali dell'Innovazione





Mark Madsen - Third Nature, Oregon (USA)

President of Third Nature, a research and consulting firm for analysis and decision support systems, and the data infrastructure behind them. Mark is an award-winning CIO, CTO and consultant whose work has been featured in numerous industry publications. His research focus is on emerging technology and practices in analytics, information management, and user experience for data access & delivery applications. Third Nature's primary work is using data to make decisions and manage organizations, and building the infrastructure to support it. A big part of making decisions and using data in an organization is ensuring that the right data capture and delivery is in place to manage the business. As a result, the work is as much information strategy and IT architecture as it is performance management and decision support.



Ivan Moroder, Brunella Franchini - Mobility Office of the Municipality of Bolzano/Bozen

Alex Meister, Sandy Kirchlechner - Kurvewaltung Merano/Meran

The MeranoTourist Bureau (Azienda di Cura, Soggiorno e Turismo) is tasked with promoting tourism and supporting the general development of the city.

The tourist bureau is a structure organised to guarantee Merano'scharacter as a holiday destination and to be a major driving force for the economy as well as a platform for developing tourism in the greater Merano area.


Ulrich Atz - The Open Data Institute, London (UK)
Ulrich is the statistician at the Open Data Institute (ODI) in London. At the ODI he does research, consults startups and governments on the business case of open data, and holds training courses for statisticians, journalists and anyone interested in data. He holds a Diplom in Economics from the University of Mannheim and a MSc in Social Research Methods from the London School of Economics. The ODI currently supports 10 startups that use open data.