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TIS in OpenStreetMap.org


OpenGISData.eu is a project of the Department for Information Technologies of the Autonome Province of Bolzano, founded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
The project focused on the import of house numbers of South Tyrol into OpenStreetMap as Open Data. Furthermore the project aimed to optimize the sincronization between the available databases (Consorzio dei Comuni, Wege) and create the instruments to allow the citizen to give feedback about the published data.

Project partners


Before & After

The situation at the beginning of the project was the following:

  • the data set (called WEGE) of the Province of Bolzano contains about 126.741 addresses and covers the province completely.
  • OpenStreetMap data in comparison contained only 7666 house numbers.

The Community actively participated by defining a strategy for the import of every civic numbers and by setting some rules for the use of tags and meta data.

Detail information can be found on the Wiki Page of the Import.



The province has communicated to be willing to publish most of its data as open data (CC-0).

The OpenGisData.eu project has a special permission to import the housenumbers data into OSM under the ODbL license.


Open Data Datasets

A list of useful datasets and links can be found on the Open Data dataset page.