SASAbus Mobile App

Economically, open data is of great importance. Several studies have estimated the economic value of open data at several tens of billions of Euros annually in the EU alone. New products and companies are re-using open data. The Danish helps you to find ways of improving the energy efficiency of your home, including financial planning and finding builders who can do the work. It is based on re-using cadastral information and information about government subsidies, as well as the local trade register. Google Translate uses the enormous volume of EU documents that appear in all European languages to train the translation algorithms, thus improving its quality of service.

SASA, the company who manages public transport in the cities Bolzano, Merano and Laives has opened their transport data on the SASA Open Data Portal and created SASAbus Android App, a Free Software mobile app which uses this data to improve communication to the citizens.
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We will publish a series of interviews of people (entrepreneurs, developers, students, …) who use Open Data in their innovative projects for South Tyrol.