EU Open Data Cities Workshop

During the Innovation Festival Bolzano-Bozen at the end of September, we are organizing a sessions about Open Data.

The 27th of September 2013 we will host international and local speakers delivering presentations about their Best Practices in the field of Open Data.

The day will begin at 9 AM with a public session about best practice experiences delivered by Mark Madsen - Third Nature, USA, by the City of Bolzano, by the City of Merano and by Ulrich Atz, from the Open Data Institute London/UK.

The afternoon workshop will be dedicated to European Open Data Cities. The event will explore practical issues related to Open Data and opportunities for coordinating action among innovative cities. Our goal is the formation of an ad hoc network that will allow you to:

  • share experience and knowledge of Open Data practices
  • learn tips to engage with suppliers and optimize resources
  • collaborate on European Research and Development projects
  • reduce cost through the collective use of software
  • become a reference European Open Data City

While the morning conference is public, the EU Open Data Cities Workshop is an invitation-only event.