Georeferenced data is collected by people who love maps. Mappers are people who love maps and at their work or in their free time collect information about streets, buildings, mountains, shops, bus stops and many more objects of our world and insert all these data into maps. Mappers Meeting

The Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Municipality Union of South Tyrol, other public organizations and companies have experts in their team who are mappers and collect the information to produce databases of data which are useful for many applications, like traffic management, urbanistic management, statistics and much more.

In the project we work together with mappers in public organisations, companies and in the OpenStreetMap community to publish, synchronize and meshup data.

An overview of street data contributions by the OpenStreetMap mappers can be visualized on the Open Street Map Reporter.

The Mappers Community meets periodically at the Mappers Meetings events and online on the mappers@ mailing list to discuss strategies of collaboration and to discuss the development of new tools or the improvement of existing tools.

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At the Mappers Meetings at the TIS innovation park South Tyrol the Mappers meet, show their projects and ideas and discuss about questions and possible collaborations. Join the discussion and participate to the next Mappers Meeting!


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