Brunella Franchini


Brunella Franchini
The engineer

She studied civil engineering in Trento. She has now been working for a long time for the Department for Transport and Mobility of the City of Bolzano and focuses, together with the Head of the Department, engineer Ivan Moroder, and Roberto Cavalier from TIS innovation park, on the ‘Integreen' and Bolzano Traffic' projects. It was these two projects that led her to Open Data.

Tell us how you first heard about Open Data.

The first time I heard about them was when my department, the Department for Transport and Mobility of the City of Bolzano, programmed and implemented these European projects, "Integreen" and "Bolzano Traffic". I'm a civil engineer, so IT was a whole new world to me. Working on these projects has clearly taught me so much about the potential and importance of Open Data.

How important are Open Data for these projects?

The projects are based on the Open Data principle. That means that we collect data on traffic, public transport, weather and pollution; we then disseminate it in an easy and accessible way.

Just how widespread are Open Data in South Tyrol anyway? Is there room for improvement? What measures still need to be implemented?

I don't know how widespread they are in South Tyrol. I do believe that they are essential for promoting projects such as these, as they guarantee the useful exchange and dissemination of information for everyone. Structures such as TIS innovation park and European projects which are supported by public administration and the City of Bolzano will surely contribute to their dissemination.

What advantages do Open Data bring to the citizens?

Open Data are extremely important because they contribute to the dissemination of useful information. Thanks to them, data and knowledge are accessible to everyone and they influence the growth of well-being, making easier the connection of different type of data.

For example?

Our projects, for example. They envision the creation of transport services and information for all public transport users. The use of Open Data means not only that we create services and apps for end users, we also allow third parties to access them. They, in turn, can use our information and data to provide services and apps of their own. Transport services, tourism pages, public transport, but also shared data usage of transport hubs, transport departments, etc.

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