The number of people switching to bus transport is ever growing, due to a rise in petrol prices and major awareness in environmental issues. However, not everyone is up to speed when it comes to bus routes or connections. The SASAbus Android app provides the perfect solution. It's the first of its kind to look up bus routes of the local bus company, SASA Spa-AG, in the cities of Bolzano, Merano and Laives on your phone.

How does the app work?

The SASAbus app is easy to use and is available both online and offline. As soon as the user launches the app, it verifies if the latest bus route is on the smartphone. When online, i.e. connected to the internet, the app allows the user to download a real-time travel itinerary or the departure and arrival times for a specific line or a specific bus stop. By inserting a departure or arrival bus stop, the app will present a list of different routes. You can also select a specific departure time or date. Every single line can be viewed in detail. The route can also be opened in OpenStreetMap.

What's next?

The app is constantly being improved and always changes. The creators have envisioned extended functions for the app in the future. The possibility, for example, to update users on the exact location of the bus in real-time. SASAbus is also integrated in the "Bolzano Traffic" project. In the future, users will receive useful information, such as parking spots locations and prices. Thanks to these data, users can choose where to park their car (if they want to) and which bus to take into the city.

Who is working behind the scenes?

The idea behind the software comes from Paolo Dongilli, from Bolzano, who developed the app on his own. Since then, the app has been supported by SASA SpA-AG, a local transport company. IT student, Markus Windegger, and programmer, Patrick Putzer, who has recently been working at TIS innovation park as an intern on this app, work beside Paolo Dongilli as part of the SASAbus team. Free Software was involved in creating this app, so everyone who wants to work on improving the app can do so: either by solving errors or creating new functions.

Further information

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