MeranO Real Time Bus


MeranO Real Time Bus

No more missing a bus, constantly being out of breath after running to a bus stop, wondering when the next one will pull up and how far away the next bus stop is. Wishful thinking, right? Well, think again. In December 2013, the town of Merano achieved this. You can now access a website and its app, "MeranO Real Time Bus", will provide you with details on the position and timetable of town and local buses.

How does the app work?

Locals and tourist can access the website and be updated in real time on the position and timetables of town and local buses in Merano. Waiting times are reduced, bus punctuality increases and the satisfaction of bus users is taken into account. You can also find your closest bus station thanks to a handy search function on the website itself. Information is clearly visible and easy to read on the website on a computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Real-time means that you need an internet connection to open the website to see up-to-date availability. The app is available in German, Italian or English.

What's next?

The app received immediate positive feedback upon its launch in December 2013. The team constantly work on improving the service thanks to user feedback. The next update includes the addition of individual buses, together with their routes, on other platforms. Furthermore, a new version will be released in 2014, which will include the same real-time service for car parking spaces.

Who is working behind the scenes?

The City of Merano, TIS innovation park, the Merano Tourist Bureau and SASA AG.

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