Live Parking Slots Bolzano


Live Parking Slots Bolzano

Despite the fact that more and more people are switching to public transport, locals and tourists alike are still using cars to get from A to B. So, obviously, people still need to park their cars somewhere. Bolzano has come up with an extremely practical solution which avoids a time consuming and nerve-wracking search for a free spot: the "Live Parking Slots" app. This app indicates the currently available parking spots in the city's parking spaces. Useful traffic data for everyone out and about in the city.

How does the app work?

The app provides users with all relevant, real-time data on parking availability in the ten public and private Bolzano parking spaces (BZ Zentrum, Central Parking, Messe, Laurin, Luna, Waltherplatz, City Parking, Maretsch, Palasport, Gerichtsplatz). Information is clearly visible and easy to read on the website on a computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Real-time means that you need an internet connection to open the website to see up-to-date availability. The app is available in German, Italian or English. Toggle push notifications on or off. You can also download a widget for integration into other websites.

What's next?

"The Live Parking Slots" app was created as part of the ‚Bolzano Traffic‘ project. The project's aim was to create a smart and cooperative mobility system for Bolzano which was compatible with other initiatives, ‘Integreen' for example. These ongoing projects also include collecting traffic, public transport, weather and air pollution data and follow the Open Data principle, i.e. they should be shared and accessed free of charge. As part of the development of this project, said data is going to be integrated into other apps, such as SASAbus or STS (South Tyrol Suggest), and provide information to locals and tourists alike on the traffic and transport situation.

Who is working behind the scenes?

The app was developed by the City of Bolzano together with TIS innovation park, under the guidance of Paolo Valleri.

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Live Parking Slots Bolzano

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