A number of companies specialised in coding and programming introduced AlpineBits to the world in November 2011. It is a free and open interface for the exchange of data on tourism. What is so innovative about this project is how competing companies have collaborated to find a common solution for the benefit of their clients.

How does the project work?

It all boils down to finding a common language different systems can communicate in. Once this is achieved, they can maximise their untapped potential. Room availability is one good example. Traditional methods dictate that staff interact with data, often resulting in a cumbersome, fallacious and costly process; in this case, data are exchanged automatically. Any interested party may integrate this interface into their system, thanks to the open and free nature of interface documentation, without waiting for an authorisation and absolutely license-free. An unprecedented situation in South Tyrol.

What does the future hold?

AlpineBits and its compatible systems take a weight off the chest of hotels, relieving the effort needed to manage data. This also results in cutting costs and saving time. It is of the utmost importance that big players in the field, such as Google or, do not gobble up the small players, which are to all effects the beating heart of the South Tyrolean network. Hence, the ever-growing importance of a platform like AlpineBits, which allows different platforms to synch and collaborate. In the future, South Tyrolean hotels should be able to count on an attractive offer such as this.

Who is working behind the scenes?

Members include Altea Software Srl, ASA OHG, Brandnamic GmbH, GardenaNet snc, Geo Marketing GmbH (Sentres), HGV Service Genossenschaft, Internet Consulting GmbH, LTS – Landesverband der Tourismusorganisationen Südtirol (Association of the Tourism Bodies in South Tyrol), Marketing Factory GmbH, PCS Hotelsoftware GmbH, Peer GmbH, SiMedia GmbH. Christian Peer, Reinhold Sieder and Michael Oberhofer chair the Board of Directors.

Who is it meant for?

AlpineBits is an extremely technical and abstract project. The open interface was mainly designed for all those companies offering their services online. The interface's aim is that of structuring the companies' platforms and systems into a more pleasing layout and saving hoteliers time when managing data.

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